When and Why Do Car Batteries Fail?

Car batteries are often taken for granted until they suddenly fail. Understanding when and why car batteries fail can help you avoid these frustrating situations. The most common reason for battery failure is age.
Over time, the chemicals inside the battery degrade, reducing its ability to hold a charge. Extreme temperatures can also be a culprit. In hot weather, the fluid inside the battery evaporates faster, while cold weather can slow down the chemical reactions needed to generate power.
Other factors include a high number of short trips, which don’t give the battery enough time to recharge fully, and electrical drains from accessories left on when the engine is off.
Battery Centre Moore Road specializes in providing batteries that are built to last, even in challenging conditions. We offer a wide range of batteries, from standard options to high-performance models designed to withstand temperature extremes. Whether you’re in need of a replacement battery or simply want to ensure your current one stays in good condition, Battery Centre has the expertise and products to keep you on the road.
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