Local & Imported Batteries


Lucas Batteries

24 Months guarantee. Sole distributor of Lucas battries in South Africa.

Exide Batteries

Local battery with a 24 month warranty nationwide.

Vault Batteries

24 Months nationwide guarantee.
Also imported from Europe, where quality and value for money meet.

Number Plates

SABS Approved number plates. Available in long, extra – long or square. Custome number plates (Blue, Black and Green). Fitting available, can be riveted on.

Car – Airconditioning

All re-gassing and repairs done. Dye inserted into system to detect any future leaks.
Only B4 gas used no cheap substitutes that damage system.

We Do:

Free call outs (10km radius of the store)

Free change rate test.

Free fitting of battery.

Free battery test

We also do all car air-conditioning repairs.

Maintenance of SABS approved number plates.

About Battery Centre

We are a proudly family owned company, established in 1985.


We sell both locally manufactured, imported batteries with nationwide guarantee ranging from 18 – 30 months.
Our batteries are maintenance – free, no checking of water, no running daily & no spillage into engine.


Frequently asked questions

How long can I leave my battery unused?

The type of battery and the storage temperature will determine the rate of discharge. Lack of use is the biggest cause of battery failure, especially in automotive batteries, however regardless the type of battery, they will always self-discharge over time and if left in a discharged state, could suffer failure.

When / Why do car batteries fail?

  • Car batteries rely on liquids to keep moving. The sweltering heat of summer can lead to evaporation of water in your car’s battery acid, resulting in decreased performance, subpar starting power, and a shortened lifespan.
  • If the weather is very cold, your battery needs to work harder to generate enough energy to keep running, and cold weather can also result in thicker engine oil, which puts an additional strain on your battery.

When do I need to change my car battery?

  • After 2-3 years it is normally time to install a replacement.
  • Your battery tends to lose power in cold or extended starts.
  • Your headlights dim when you are idling.
  • Your car is slow to crank.
  • If you have a battery fluid leak
  • If your car sits in the garage or driveway for extended periods, its battery continues to drain passively even when the engine isn’t on.
  • If you consistently take short trips like daily drives to the office and the grocery store, your battery doesn’t have enough time to recharge fully between trips. This can lead to decreased performance.

What our happy customers say

Derek van Heerden
Great service thank you. Came to my house within an hour! 🤩
Mlu Mbokazi
Old battery was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. It was so quick. Also did the securing of my front number plate for free. I highly recommend them. Great customer service I must say.
Minenhle Majola
Quick, affordable, great customer service. A big thank you to Deon and the team.
Linda Lawrie
Excellent service.
Daphne Rhodes
Excellent service, staff go out their way to help
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